Pini COFFEE - Coffee mink and classic cars - the convergence of achievers - Experience Travel to DaLat VietNam pleasure to introduce to readers a very new cafe space, not yet known where dreamy Da Lat city is:  Pini COFFEE - Coffee mink and classic cars - the convergence of Persons Achievement . This is an ideal venue for local residents to weekend excursions, as well as tourists, can lose yourself in the unique space, along with coffee flavor characteristic ferret.
Today, coffee became popular drinks in daily life of the Vietnamese people, a premium of this drink as "Weasel Coffee" - a legendary coffee - the perfect combination between Western beans Raw and creativity of the Vietnamese.

Weasel Coffee Talk about must say to ferret flavor, they are like the farmer analogy diligence they proved very picky, we just look and eat fresh beans, whole fruit, ripe and not smell right leaves. According to separate biological mechanism, we eat beans but only swallow bile class outside and not crushed coffee beans. So when the beans into the body after 3-4 hours mink, weasels stomach secretes a special enzyme that penetrates into the beans and pig out once the coffee beans. It will collect and carry away the 4-6 month incubation enzyme helps full penetration into the beans. After incubation is complete, the coffee is washed and dried, then peel away layers of silk protect coffee workers and give birth to the beans completely clean.The beans will be taken to roasting, grinding and packaging the finished product "Weasel Coffee".

Weasel Premium Coffee Line advent making coffee connoisseurs coil, eagerly hunting for enjoying a cup of coffee this myth. Many people who could find themselves being the premium package weasel coffee but wondered how to enjoy a cup of coffee is the most excellent way. With a desire to bring to you, you partner with a passion for coffee or a curiosity to discover, was enjoying a cup of coffee Weasel fullest in a perfect space that Pini Coffee birth - that is the mission.
Pini Coffee - Coffee Weasel and Stock Car, which is invested by the Company under the Union LIMICO GROUP. Located at 01 Tuyen Lam Lake Tourist Area (Right marina and spillway) .

Tuyen Lam Lake are selected from a variety of beautiful locations in the city of Dalat poetic to make the location ideal for the customer. And Pini Coffee located input Tuyen Lam tourist site, since it created one far and wide to view all the lake to be able to look at the beauty graceful and enchanting of nature friendly young love this place

Witnessing processes unique mix coffee exclusively for ferrets. Which according to experts is to enjoy coffee coffee cup "quality", the right most gu must comply with the "Three Rules" and "Three provisions". Together enjoy and feel   a drop of coffee fell, time seems to stop.

With the price of VND 200,000 / coffee speak for themselves many things. It is the blending of multiple values ​​can hardly measurable. Pini Coffee longer cared menus for the different needs of customers.

Weasel Coffee Culture is coming very close to you, where space enthusiasts converge business and success, or simply those who have affinity with Pini Coffee - Coffee Weasel and Stock Cars.
Come and feel the taste from the eyes to the tip of the tongue.


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