Camping and Climbing Tour - Da Lat - Experience Travel to DaLat VietNam

Have you ever felt crowded cityscape bored and looking back to nature? So let friends and family away from the city of Dalat temporarily a two day,to soak up the waves, in the pine forest, and the ramp makes you thirsty just breathed. Tour camping and hiking - Dalat is sure to bring you joy and a new feel when go travel tourism in Da Lat.

OPTION 1: 1 night, 1 day - easy level
4pm: Vehicles from the company will pick up and transport you to the Tuyen Lam Lake. After experiencing a 30-minute walk along the banks of the lake surrounding forest, you will start to go into the picnic area Nam Qua. When everyone was present at the gathering deep in the lake, secluded with the tree house, where we will wash and divide tasks to team members.
After finishing dinner, the team members will campfire and participate in group activities together between dark and quiet space.
Wake up at 8 am, breakfast and pack up finished, we will up the boat (boat) 10 minutes to the jungle Samson, and start the journey on foot through the forest (12km), after then returned to  the city of Dalat.
Price: 900,000 VND / person

OPTION 2: 1 night, 1 day intermediate level
The first day :( like option 1)
Waking up at 7am, breakfast and pack up finished, we start with 14km long journey through nature reserve Elephant jungle to return to Da Lat.
Price: 945,000 VND / person
OPTION 3: 2 days, 1 night difficulty levels
8:30 am, the car from the tour companies pick you up from the hotel and taken to a nature reserve to Elephant Mountain. The first day you start with a 14km band pass across streams, through jungle and gathered at resorts Picnic years.
Dinner, campfire and team games are the main activities of the night, in addition you can join the party dancing and wine stalls.
7 am, all to wake up, clean up luggage, breakfast, then onto the boat (boat) to the jungle Samson and contact with the 12km journey through the forest to return to Da Lat.
Price: 1.200.000 VND / person

Services include:
- Expenses: car, boat, tent (or treehouse), campfire
Speaking guide
-All Meals a day during the climb.
Not included:
- Other personal expenses out of program.
- VAT bill.
- Equipping individuals: backpack up personal items; sports footwear (hiking).


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