Winter in Dalat nothing "Footbinding" you? - Experience Travel to DaLat VietNam

Winter is considered the most beautiful season of the mountain city of Dalat. When the rain finally stopped and the cold start starts blowing se se was also at the distant want to "move" to the City of fog in winter enjoy the moment.
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When the moment-season switch to the New Year, the city of Dalat as sinking into the cold below 10 degrees c.

This is also a time when young people begin the journey south to explore the city of flowers, feel the cold but rare in Saigon. Despite the low temperatures but not too cold, you can still have fun out delight when equipped with enough warm clothing.

Top Dalat in the winter, you will excitedly with cool weather and admire the beautiful natural scenery romantic.

The fog covered the beautiful Dalat you'll see ever more fanciful.

A bit of sun at dawn forming beautiful roads.

Besides the appeal of Da Lat in the east is exploring white flower field reform and welcome the festive season.

Goodbye yellow colors of wild flowers, dreamy place as more lyrical and pure white color of the reform as vast stretch of the mountainside.

Dalat December bustling also many festivals such as Flower Festival, Festival and brocade costumes Highlands, sport-cultural festival-tour of Central Highlands ethnic groups or the International Festival gong will help you feel fresh and colorful characteristics of mountain town.

But the charm of the city of thousand flowers are not only beautiful landscapes but Footbinding visitors here longer ingratiate them by countless "food paradise" delectable peach branch.

If you want to enjoy breakfast "true nature" of Da Lat you do not miss the beef noodle restaurant's reputation in the region ramps up roundabout Dalat market and Xuan Huong Lake or snakehead fish cake soup Silk shop in Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street.

Wet cake chicken hearts in sugar Page tract Tang Bat Ho or specialty cakes famous Le base near and far on Yersin.

Do not forget the meal sipping coffee Xuan Huong lakeside offline!

A ring around the city until noon want something for your stomach lining can try rolling greens baked rolls at Phan Dinh Phung Street, Dalat City. And nothing better than to enjoy the fragrant skewers baked rolls served with fresh vegetables and sauce tasty green.

An article which if you do not eat will "waste" that travels both artichoke soup stewed pork. This soup has a cool bar and nutritious help you refill energy for the journey.

Dalat Special to eat what "standard" than pot oxtail Thanh Tam (Ba old prescription) boiling on Nguyen Thi Dinh.Dalat cold chill of eating hot pot is a poor idea.

You also do not miss the city of fog at night, when the city lights up a shimmering beauty make you regret appeared want this place to linger longer.

In the evening, you will flashing eyes to heaven snacking and shopping at the night market, plaza and surrounding areas. A sweater or scarf as a gift is all pretty much hard to sell you "bought" a draft of soft prices.

If you do not have to come here to taste the famous baked roll very misused. Choose a corner to enjoy with friends baked roll, grilled skewers, grilled corn delicious and interesting.

Soy milk dishes and pastries Hoa Sua also many tourists visit. Perhaps the cold air of winter makes you feel good dishes here multiply times.

With stunning scenery, amazing food and the festive season is adjacent thrill you will not want to leave when attachment to Da Lat in the east.

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