Lam Dong Asean Friendship Delegation Caravan - Thailand - Experience Travel to DaLat VietNam

At Resort Hoang Anh Dat Xanh Dalat, investment promotion centers, trade and tourism of Lam Dong has organized the program welcomed Thailand Tourism Board and 75 members of the Newspapers and businesses operating in the tourism sector, tourism in Thailand, Cambodia, The Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India and Vietnam under the ASEAN group-Thailand Friendship Caravan to visit and learn about the advantages and potential of Lam Dong Province travel.

Lam Dong Asean Friendship Delegation Caravan

At the meeting representatives of the investment promotion center of trade and tourism in Lam Dong province has an overview of the potential advantages of the local tourism sector, especially in Lam Dong is growing all kinds tourism interests, resort, conference, workshop, agricultural tourism, ecotourism and adventure tourism. Through the program, Lam Dong desired, Asean Friendship Caravan Group - Thailand will have the practical experience to take the introductory article about Da Lat Lam Dong image and helping the tourism industry more developed provinces Future. At the same time this is also an opportunity for entities operating in the fields of travel and tour water connection, tourist route between Da Lat - Lam Dong and the Asean countries. Reportedly, before coming to Da Lat - Lam Dong, the delegation Asean Friendship Caravan - Thailand went survey, explore tourism potential in Gia Lai. Be aware this is a program by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in collaboration with Toyota Thailand and travel company Pearl Far East city of Ho Chi Minh in coordinating implementation. In the program of entertainment many songs, dances, cultural exchange gong are also held to help members of the Friendship Caravan 2016 Asean delegation to learn the traditional culture of ethnic communities in Vietnam.


  1. This is great news! I really like to travel. I go on tours for different countries several times a year. My last trip was to Thailand, namely in Chiang Mai. There I rented a motorcycle, and went on a tour of the temples. Most of all I liked in Wat Rong Khun - it's the most famous white temple in their land.