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Many area Tet flower types in Dalat ( Lam Dong ) is currently booming despite the almost 20 days away from the Lunar New Year in 2016, pushing all in a blossoming suffering Festival risk losses.
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Lam Dong, to serve Tet flower market, this province has sown about $ 2,200 on flowers of all kinds. Occupy the largest area is the chrysanthemum, gladiolus, lilies, sand wall ... concentrate in Dalat, the district of Lac Duong, Don Duong, Lam Ha and Duc Trong. Particularly in Da Lat Flower Festival this year is nearly 1000 hectares, of which the largest area belongs to the chrysanthemum with 495ha, followed by popular flowers for Tet as auspicious flower 114ha, 30ha Cymbidium , roses ... However, many gardeners are planting flowers in Da Lat fell on worries that so many kinds of flowers acreage has boomed despite almost 20 days away from New Year.
Mr. Phung Huu Nam Khang, Nguyen Thai Binh Street, Ward 12, Da Lat City ruefully took us out wide on 1,000m2 garden auspicious that his family had invested about 80 million to serve growing markets Year 2016 Spectacular gardens exploded view of all, he said Khang sad, the whole area of ​​sand wall had hatched a week ago. If today's price cut is only 30000-35000 VND / kg, his family undoubtedly suffered heavy losses.
flower Dalat

flower Dalat
Flower garden of his family Phung Huu Nam Khang flourished despite almost 20 days away from New Year 2016.

How homegarden Phung Huu Nam Khang few hundred meters wide auspicious flower garden 2.000m² Vu Van Thin household. "Disobedience Home" auspicious flower in his garden Dragon hatched 10 days ago.Looking gardens picturesque sand wall with vibrant colors, he said bitterly Dragon: "Never in any Tet flower back side of people as this year. Like this they lost tens of million, not counting effort spent caring for months, eat not sleep because of it! .. ".
States not bloom properly auspicious New Year, his family was forced to trim Thin branches blooming sell salvage part of their labor, money spent.According to Jin, the current investment costs for up to 1.000m² auspicious flower from 80-90 million, which is already present greenhouse, greenhouse. This type of flower has high investment costs, is difficult to grow, are vulnerable to premature death should have care techniques feats, especially the new trees grow well.
Not only auspicious flowers blooming before Tet bung which in Thai Version flower village, most major growing areas of Da Lat flowers, many other flowers have bloomed out, including chamomile, lily ... Farm wider lily cultivation Her family 1ha Nguyen Thi Phuc, Thai version, Ward 12, Da Lat City has already started blooming. "With weather like today, only a few days will simultaneously blooming flowers. Since two weeks I had to lower the nets down to the flowers to restrict light and temperature reduction in greenhouse down to prolong bloom "Phuc share index.
According to estimates by the florists in Ward 12, Da Lat, this year most of the flowers were blooming before Tet with large area, including the most severe damage before New Year's blossoming family planted with 80% sand wall already hatched area, followed by lilies with 30% of the area has expanded, daisies blooming before Tet accounted for 10%.
According to Ho Ngoc Dinh, chairman of Farmers Ward 12, Da Lat City, the cause of the early blooming flowers of the garden is calculated by the Da Lat weather in the last months hotter than usual in previous years . In December last, Dalat still appear heavy rains during the previous year which absolutely no, hot and humid weather has stimulated the blossoming flowers and exploding soon, beyond the control of florist.


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