Dai Ninh Lake - Experience Travel to DaLat VietNam

Dai Ninh Lake is a large freshwater lake in Gia Ninh Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province. The lake has an area of about 4000ha and is currently being used for hydropower reservoirs.Lake is broad and of course, the ecosystem of plants, animals, nature around the lake is also very diverse and rich.

If traveling from the direction of Dalat down Duc Trong, you run through the Lien Nghia Duc Trong Ninh to Gia, will encounter is Lake Dai Ninh. You can also go directly to the focal beats, or run deep inside to find areas suitable for the needs of their landscape to enjoy.
Not talking about the economic value of hydroelectricity lake, here just ask to speak to the aesthetic value that lake Dai Ninh has given countless phượt players, these young people love hiking, picnic, and especially the paparazzi, with many enthusiasts stunning sight on the lake.

Also for large lake area, so there are many areas that you can look to and delight with vast natural on the lake. Some of the bridge from above can help you better in the sightseeing, or you can also look to the small boat, the fishing sector (currently rather few activities at lake boat) to get command guide to on the lake.

Many easy driver incidents, the paparazzi have captured moments and amazing vivid here. If given the opportunity, you try to visit the lake and funding photographed offline.

Some very beautiful pictures of the Dai Ninh lake from the album of photographer Lee Long, obtained permission to quote.


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