Christmas 2016 at the church Dalat - Experience Travel to DaLat VietNam

Dalat City, where many church architecture is unique crowded Dalat tourists prefer to visit.Therefore, in the freezing air this day, let's go over the Christmas and year-end atmosphere at the Cathedral in Da Lat to see the decorated nicely and is equally impressive, just to celebrate the big day Catholic, has also created the tipping point for a tourist city like Dalat.
Center of Dalat city can not fail to mention Con Ga church, a religious center has become renowned for iconic chicken on top of the church tower. During Christmas and the end of this year, it also has a very impressive decoration. As the focal point for many young people, tourists come here taking pictures, leave unforgettable memories.

Field DonBosco church where a large concentration of young people and adults. Almost any Noel year, the area around the church is also very busy. Partly because the hotel is close to around, partly because the activities are held here very attractive. Besides, the decoration with incredible creativity of the priests, monks, and lay people here also highlights attract tourists to Da Lat , with numerous local people to sightseeing, take pictures, and enjoy the carnival atmosphere.

Many other churches in Dalat also very beautifully decorated, but not many people as possible to visit the location is quite far from the center as well as activities in internal encapsulated. However, the atmosphere in the making Dalat also become more active, more warm hearts of people in the last days of 2016 this cold.


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