Photo beautiful dream wedding under the canopy of cherry blossoms Dalat - Experience Travel to DaLat VietNam

Cherry garden near Trai Mat, Da Lat with romantic beauty in films like Saigon's 8x pair selected as the ideal location for wedding photography.
Bride Huong Giang (born in 1986), worked as electronics assembly and groom Minh Huy (born in 1987), worked in the oil industry there is a happy ending after 5 year wedding overcome many waves In love.
Two young friends are together by fate and together against malicious gossip about the age issue to come together.
Now both are counting the days waiting for the moment "move together in the same house." To prepare for the big day. Huy Giang and Dalat was selected wedding photographer. To find a nice location, Saigon pair joined BR Long photographers wandering the streets of the city many thousands of flowers.
Luckily the crew had found a garden this gorgeous cherry blossoms near Trai Mat, Da Lat. Park is on the right cherry blossom beautiful days are the perfect backdrop for wedding photos of young couples.
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beautiful wedding photos

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beautiful wedding photos

beautiful wedding photos


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