Dalat Milk Farm - Experience Travel to DaLat VietNam

There's a unique location that not many people know in a neighborhood of the beautiful city of Dalat. The tourists, locals, many people who visit Dalat discovered all along the tourist destination famous. Therefore, finding interesting places, still little known as well as a hobby of many people.

Dalat Milk Farm , the area heard quite alien to many people, but actually also has a lot of tours are held here. Mil is located in the commune Tutra Dalat, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province. Road to Farm also quite easy, when going from Dalat, to fall 3 Africa nom, can run to the highway a little further, you'll have signs farm Dalat Milk, Vinamilk immediately pavement, and keep going on the path that will reach the place needed.

Need more reminded that in this area there are 3 large farm Vinamilk, Dalat milk and a potato farm. Should you only be in Dalat Milk whiff.
Outside the farm will have parking lot, and you need to be careful locking collar. Then to protect people's identity cards to send, and was p hép in the farm sector.
Dams in Your sight is a building with very unique architecture, the vast ground beside and behind the farm. Peaceful lake with smooth green lawns, green pine trees of weapons will make you feel very comfortable, clean and peaceful.
Explore the farm, you will see the true unique locations. The tall grass to half his body, dreamy blue water lake, large lawn suitable for team building games, camping, roadside pines romantic .... Many couples come here to marry and have photographed many memorable memories.

The cows were grazing looks also gives you the feeling of fun and unique.
Society is increasingly urbanized, Dalat city is no exception, so it may be to the peaceful place, fresh but very beautiful scenery as Dalat Milk, then you will find it comfortable and there are moments interesting.


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