DonBosco Jam 2014 - HipHop Youth Festival Dalat - Experience Travel to DaLat VietNam

Dalat is a tourist city is on track to grow strongly with the number of tourists coming here every year to grow rapidly. however, in addition to tourism, the life of the people here are quite tedious for humans is not active in many cities, other places across the country.However, where there is still the burning flame of the youth in this city is expressed in many forms, especially with Hip Hop disciplines which are attractive to young people, active people in need the playground to express themselves.

In Da Lat , perhaps most of them known DonBosco church, the gathering place of many teenagers, young people both religion and no religion, can come here to participate in healthy recreational activities strong as football, basketball, art is life, school board, drums, ... have a group of young men had been living Hip Hop workouts at home this line and brought together so many young people involved Favorites old.
In the final days of last year, based on the ingredients are young people in the hip hop group, and expand to more other objects in the city as well as some of the guests, young people love Hip Hop in Dalat was enjoying DonBosco Jam 2014 - HipHop Youth Festival Dalat was held at the main stage of DonBosco church, and the program was very successful place.
With funding phase Hiphop dance technique very gifted, enthusiastic community spirit, passion and distinctive personality, many viewers were living in a space HipHop music and dances very impressive , unique.

May playground will be expanded further and passionate spirit of the young city of Da Lat tourism will inspire leaders who have a vision care more about them, and will create conditions for use this passion combined with the strengths of local tradition, in order to achieve long-term benefits in terms of people to Dalat. And meanwhile, the creative arts will be honored at this plateau cold countries.
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